Infrastructure Design & Implementation

With the constant evolution of technologies, modes and methods of work, it is important to have an effective information system adapted to its activity.

Mastering the infrastructure project

In more and more complex environments, where the stakes of the information system are always more draconian, the control of the IT infrastructure is strategic.

SpConsulting Informatique’s infrastructure division integrates the most advanced technologies on the market, in order to provide our clients with the most relevant response possible.

Definition of the physical or virtual infrastructure, combining LAN, WAN, WIFI, firewall solutions...
Study of the needs according to the applications and technical requirements. Study and validation in correlation with your teams & suppliers.
Possible mock-up and integration of the proposed system with an objective of result relative to supported applications (data, voice, video...). Implementation of video conferencing & hosting, outsourced backup, firewall, VPN.
Unified management and control of wireless or wired access through the implementation of customer supervision tools.

Network infrastructure solutions

Implementation of Converged / Hyperconverged infrastructure, Hosting, computer park, installation, configuration and assistance, monitoring.